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Easter Service held at the Yorktown Stage last year
Welcome to the Calvary Bible Church Website

Hope has a name

Devastation. Hopelessness. Disillusionment. For the followers of Jesus, the crucifixion was a nightmare. It happened so quickly, their heads must been spinning! What? The Son of God, our Messiah… dead?!! They had not understood the prophets like Isaiah who predicted that the Messiah would suffer and die. They had not understood Jesus’ own predictions of his suffering, death, and resurrection. His death made no sense… until Jesus rose! The resurrection of Jesus confirmed that the prophets and the teachings of Jesus were all true. The resurrection confirmed that Jesus was the way, the truth, and the life, the only way to the Father. Continued here

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y April 2014

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Sunday Worship Services

Early Service - 9:00AM
Truth for Life(TFL) classes (all ages) 10:20AM-11:10AM (nursery available)
Late Service - 11:30AM
Late Service is also streamed to the Annex

Nursery (infant to age 3) is available at both Services and TFL. Junior Church is available at 11:30 Service only.

12:45PM - Fellowship time.
All are welcome for coffee and conversation.

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