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Sunday Service schedule: 9:00AM and 11:30AM. NOTE: Video Cafe will NOT be open this week.
Truth for Life Sunday School classes for all ages 10:20-11:10AM
Notice for this Sunday, October 12 - Commerce Street/Hanover Street will be blocked from the intersection of Routes 202/35 due to the Yorktown Street Fair. Please give yourself extra time and be prepared to find alternate routes to get to the Church.
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Til the whole world hears - pARt 2

Does it really matter what we believe? How could Christians be right, and the rest of the world be wrong? How can Jesus be the only way to God? These questions reflect what most people believe is wisdom. It sounds logical to many. But, in fact, it is foolishness. Just because we want to believe something does not make it true. In a similar way, truth does not cease being truth just because someone, or many people, reject it. The truth of salvation is revealed in the Word of God. The truth is that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Eternal Son of God, the only Savior for the world. He is the only one who died to pay for our sins, and the only one who was raised to life, ascended into heaven, and is preparing a place there for His followers! The truth... is a person. Believe in Him, and find life. Share Him with others and find a reason to live... til the whole world hears.

Love in Christ,

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Sunday Worship Services

Early Service - 9:00AM
Truth for Life(TFL) - 10:20AM
Late Service - 11:30AM

Nursery (infant to age 3) is available at both Services and TFL. Junior Church is available at 11:30 Service only.

12:45PM - Fellowship time.
All are welcome for coffee and conversation.

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