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Sunday Service schedule: 9:00AM and 11:30AM.
Truth for Life Sunday School classes for all ages 10:20-11:10AM
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Waiting... pretty safe to say it is not one of our favorite things. Whether is it waiting in line at the grocery store, in traffic, for a check in the mail, or for God to answer a prayer... often it is at best irritating, at worst, maddening. But is it possible that there is some good in waiting? The Bible actually has a lot to say about waiting! First of all, there is a time for everything. There is a time to act, to take initiative- to step out in faith. Then there is the time to wait. When you are called on to wait, consider these three important purposes:
1) Waiting gives us opportunity to evaluate the condition of our heart before God. When we cannot control our circumstances and are forced to wait, will we exercise faith and trust in the Lord, surrendering to His will? Or will we complain, get angry, and make life miserable for those around us? What does that say about our hearts and our relationship with God. Being forced to wait often reveals some serious things in our hearts that God wants to change... things like pride, selfishness, and unbelief.
2) Waiting gives us opportunity to consider others... to slow down in the rat race long enough to take notice of those around us- their needs and concerns. Life is not all about us, and sometimes waiting is just what we need to help us look around and see others in a new light.
3) Waiting gives God time to do what He does best. The Scripture is filled with examples of God working behind the scenes, changing hearts, orchestrating circumstances, bringing about His good will in His perfect timing (as He did in the Old Testament story of Joseph)! Waiting on the Lord is not a fatalistic "yeah, whatever!". It is a dynamic, daily exercise of trusting in a loving Father. Biblical faith is walking in relationship with God, by His grace, and then seeking to obey Him. Will you surrender and trust Him today? It will make this holiday season much more enjoyable, and may even help lower your blood pressure!

Love in Christ,

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