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Finding fulfillment

Anyone feeling a little "blah"? The summer is cruising by (sorry to remind you). Some of the CBC fellowship may be experiencing an emotional let-down after last week's busyness and spiritual high. The excitement of ministering to a church full of children in VBS all week, or the challenge of serving in another culture as the Brazil team did… the spiritual exhilaration can easily give way to an emotional letdown. What brings real, lasting satisfaction and joy? The ministry teams experienced at least three things last week that point at the answer. The answer is certainly not found in accumulating material possessions, experiencing temporary pleasures, or in self-centered accomplishments. On the contrary, the answer is found in 1) meaningful, loving relationships with others, 2) meaningful service to others, and 3) a personal, life-changing, daily relationship with God. When these elements are in focus and being pursued (as during VBS and the Brazil missions experience) there is an elevated level of satisfaction and fulfillment. But what about the rest of us who could not be involved in those activities? And what about now that those activities are over? Is true fulfillment and satisfaction only found when we are doing some exceptional activity to "serve the Lord"?  (continued HERE)

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